We are a friendly community but we do have afew rules. Here you will learn all of this wiki's rules. If you break any rules you will be banned.


  • No cussing. This wiki is family-friendly and does NOT allow cussing.
  • No content over a PG rating. We do not allow any content above a PG rating!
  • No creating fanon characters unless you give a picture of them. If your fanon character is live action character you must get a live action screenshot of your character!
  • Before commenting, please remember don't call the characters/spin offs stupid. And, don't call any users stupid too.
  • Please being a friendly user. Don't judge anyone!
  • If you are creating a fanon story please remember to write a story to go with it or your page will be deleted.

Need more help? Please ask to any administrators, like Travisplatypus or Sophiaawesome